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Mastered the basics? Take it further by learning how to do screen replacements, track flares and particle effects, replace skies and much more...


Advanced Screen Replacement
Dealing with reflections
Tracking in a new sky
Sky Replacement
Tracking in 3D Text
using DriveX
Adding Tracked Particle Effects using DriveX

Even if you're a guru, you can learn a thing or two from the tutorials below. Take a look to see if you've missed anything.


Tracked Color Corrections
with SliceX and Color Finale
Enhancing a shot
with Pack Replacement
Tracking past occlusions
and other Advanced Techniques
Adding Tracking to any Motion Effect
Particles, 3D Text, Lights or Replicators using DriveX
Once you've mastered all the above, you can dive into more details in the tutorials on our Vimeo channels.